Revived & Important Books

More books have been published and forgotten than are in print today, and many still have unique and lasting value. Other books are never published because they are unable to attract the interest of commercial publishers or produce enough sales to recover the cost of publication. Academic and scholarly books are especially prone to this difficulty.

Serif & Pixel Press will publish some of these works and begin a series of short chapbooks on-line. The chapbooks will offer descriptions of work done or in progress, and significant pieces of poetry or art that would otherwise go unnoticed. Modern short-run publication methods are also making possible the publication of books that until recently would have been unpublished. We will work to act as a channel connecting authors with the means of short-run publication .

Reprints by Serif & Pixel Press

New Publications from Serif & Pixel Press

Chap Books and Monographs

A wide range of on-line chapbooks and chapbook publishers. This kind of material is where the Web is a perfect publishing medium.

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