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A collection of sites with information about authors — both their work and their lives.

Books Online
Sources for books available as electronic text via the Web.

The Censorship Pages
Information about the freedom of speech, and of the press in reference to the written word. These pages provide the resources needed to explore how, and why, censorship happens not only in the United States, but all around the world.

Chapbooks and Monographs On-line
A wide range of on-line chapbooks and chapbook publishers. This kind of material is where the Web is a perfect publishing medium. Part of Serif & Pixel Press.

Directories & Referrals

Electronic Journals & Archives

General Reference



Museum Web Servers

Online Newspapers
A list of on-line newspapers from around the world for your convenience.

Online Periodicals and Magazines

Special Topics
A collection of all those wonderful pages that make books fun but don't fit into any simple category.


CIA Homepage
A source of information about the CIA and access to their many useful publications; including the World Fact Book, maps and political information about countries around the world.

EINet Galaxy Government Resources
Government Agencies, Publications, Laws & Regulations, Military, Politics, Public Affairs.

Federal Government Resources on the Web
Everything from bibliographies to the White House. Created by the University of Michigan Documents Center.

Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
Information on Fermilab and high energy particle physics not found elsewhere.

The Government Information Office, R.O.C.
The Government of Taiwan has information on many of the issues facing them today. A very well done site with history, news, environment, speeches by government officials, the UN, and much more. The site can be viewed in English, Spanish, French, BIG5, GB, German and Japanese.

The Nelson A. Rockefeller Institute of Government
The Nelson A. Rockefeller Institute of Government, the public policy research arm of the State University of New York, was established in 1982 to bring the resources of the 64-campus SUNY system to bear on public policy issues. The Institute conducts studies and special projects to assist government and enhance the capacity of states and localities to meet critical challenges.

US Geological Survey
Landsurface information and photos including satellite and aircraft data.

The Smithsonian Institute
Access to much information on this most wonderful of government institutions. It has a mirror site in California for alternative access.

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