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Book Publishers

A well thought out site with many useful links within their company, but then, what would you expect from the corporate ego of Peachpit Press? We list this site as a example of good web design and functionality.

Arena For Prose-Poetry Books, Phantasmal Press
Books of modern literature: prose, poetry, essays, fables on women, love, nature and ocean. Philosophy, psychology to raise consciousness.

Asiapac Publishers
Asiapac publishes material on Asian culture and art in comic book form, much like the "Classic Comics" of the 1950s. They utilize the ease with which people read comics and the rich graphic medium to cover a variety of useful subject matter.

A UK publisher providing us with fiction, fiction classics, poetry classics, non-fiction, reference, biography, film, health and lifestyle, gardening, cookery, music, and children's books. They also provide news of literary concern.

Blue Dolphin Publishing
Publishers of books that help people grow in their social awareness and conscious evolution. People who visit their site can "pet the dolphins" (sign their guest list) to receive a free catalog.

Bookmark Publishing
A publishing company primarily interested in publishing products that speak out and up for kids.

BookWire - The First Place to Look for Book Information
An excellent gathering of links to booksellers and publishers, along with many publications of interest to people in the book trade or collectors. Highly recommended, with good links to most major and many lesser publishers.

Cadmus Editions, Publishers
A publisher of trade fiction, non-fiction and poetry.

Cedarcroft Press
Cedarcroft Press is the publisher of The Northwest Gardener's Resource Book which is the most useful and practical gardening source book I have ever seen, for the Northwest or any other region. When I picked it up to read it was the middle of the night before I could put it down. Highly recommended. [Site appears to be under construction at this time.]

DK Publishing
The web site of Dorling Kindersley, international publisher of Eyewitness and other high-quality photographic home-reference books and CD-ROMs, many of which can be ordered online. Don't miss DK Kids, a section devoted to activities and downloadable graphics and other goodies just for kids.

ECW Press Ltd.
ECW PRESS is well known as the leading publisher of scholarly and reference books about Canadian writers and writing, but their list also features a large selection of important trade books on various subjects, including sports, travel, politics, popular culture, education, and biographies of important North American figures. Their fiction and poetry books have also been widely praised.

Edinburgh University Press
Scotland's foremost academic publisher, Edinburgh University Press is a forward-looking and independent university press publishing academic books, journals and general books for a worldwide readership.

European Roma Rights Center (ERRC)
The ERRC is an international public interest law organisation which monitors the situation of Roma in Europe and provides legal defence to victims of human rights violations. They are the publishing voice of the Gypsies in Europe and publish the Roma Rights newsletter four times a year.

Garrett County Press
Bringing together outstanding authors and artists to produce books in the pre-anti-ist ideal.

Graphic Arts Center Publishing
A long-established Portland publishing and distribution company.

Griffin Publishing
Griffin Publishing is a traditional trade book publisher of non-fiction books, with an emphasis on Olympic sports, education, business and recreation.

Ginninderra Press
An Australian company specializing in short-run press, manuscript advice and editing books for adults and children.

Hogrefe & Huber
Hogrefe & Huber Publishers is one component of a family-owned group of 16 organizations active in 24 countries, operating publishing companies, bookstores, and several institutes for the development and distribution of psychological tests and laboratory equipment. They are a leading producer of psychological books and tests, as well as a major medical publisher. In addition, they produce more than 35 scientific journals whose editorial boards include many of the leading experts in the world. Their offices in the USA and Canada continue to expand the list of books, journals and tests published in English, written largely by North American authors & generally in the fields of medicine and psychology.

Jain Publishing Company
A diversified publisher of books in the subjects of business/management, computers/internet, health/healing, motivation/inspiration, self-help/psychology and religions/philosophies.

Kogan Page
"Kogan Page is the UK’s leading independent business book publisher. With on-line ordering facilities available and our complete catalogue." They need a spell-checker.

Kosmic Press
Small Canadian publisher of New Age and astrology titles. New writers welcomed. They plan for about two new titles per year.

Luxor Press, Inc.
Specialize in books on Esoteric Religion and Philosophy, Masonic History, Metaphysical subject, Paranormal and Occult Ideas.

Manning Publications
Manning Publications offers its computer and technical books for sale online at the Browser's Book Corner. Some books are also available in CyberBook (HTML) format.

Martin Cook Associates, Ltd.
A book production & design studio with expertise in production-editing, designing, typesetting, printing and binding trade, reference and juvenile books.

McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing
With over 105 years of experience in the publishing industry, McGraw-Hill publishes books in a wide range of professional fields including architecture, business, computing, electronics, medicine, science, and engineering.

M&T Books Online
Specializing in computer-related books.

Naturegraph Publishers
Naturegraph Publishers, located in the Siskiyou Mountains of northern California, has been publishing books in the fields of natural history, Native Americans, and outdoor living, since 1946. they also publish books on health, gardening, crafts, Bahá'í, and of general interest. Here you can find Naturegraph's on-line catalog complete with outside reviews as well as manuscript submission information and guidelines.

NetPubs International
NetPubs International provides cost-effective Internet e-journal, e-newsletter, e-magazine and e-book services with excellence and innovation to publishers and organizations. We present titles on the Internet according to their publishing schedule, control access (electronic distribution), preserve back issues, offer full-text search capabilities, provide links and offer between-issue, follow-up articles. Additionally, we offer professional consulting services on e-publishing, Internet presence development, Internet research services, subscriber discussion and feedback capabilities, and more.

Pacifica Press Military History Books
"Pacifica Press is a publisher of military history books. A sample chapter from each of our books may be viewed on our Free Samples page."

Pegasus Press
A nonprofit publisher dedicated to publishing books on medieval and Renaissance studies for scholarly and academic use.

Prentice Hall Direct
A direct market publishing unit for Simon & Schuster.

Prima Publishing
Prima Publishing offers high quality books in a wide variety of genres. From its first self-published book, Travel Free, to its popular series of healthful cookbooks and electronic entertainment books, Prima has carved a lasting niche in the publishing industry. One of the largest and fastest growing independent publishers in America.

Publishers' Information
A Labyrinth sub-page. Limited information on publishers of medieval study materials.

Red Crane Books
"The mission of Red Crane Books is to foster an understanding of human diversity through the books our authors write. With insight and patience, our authors have shown us how to see beyond the scrim of appearances and into the heart of America.
"La mision de Red Crane Books es de diseminar historias que fomentan un entendimiento de la diversidad humana y tambien de como nosotros, como seres humanos, compartimos de las misma humanidad. Por medio de estas historias podemos apreciar la manera en que las culturas quedan vinculadas a pesar de las diferencias de lengua o de perspectiva historica."

Reed Reference Publishing
Publisher of reference directories for trade and libraries. They are the mother company of R.R. Bowker who handle ISBN numbers for the United States. Unfortunately, at this time you can not order ISBNs on-line.

Sage Publications
SAGE Publications is an international educational and professional publisher of books, journals, newsletters and related materials. It is one of the few large privately owned companies in the publishing world.

Sasquatch Books
Sasquatch Books is a Northwest regional publisher specializing in travel, regional, literary, nature, gardening, cooking, and childrens books from the Northwest.

Smart Art Press
Publishers of artists' books, monographs, catalogues, and other art ephemera.

Sun Publishing Co.
Sun Publishing offers books on many topics, including lots of spirituality, to both individuals and booksellers. They are located in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Taylor Publishing Company
A non-fiction publisher specializing in gardening, sports, health and pop culture. Information on yearbook production, publishing trade books, publishing fine books and an on-line bookstore.

Tamarack Books
Specialists in publishing the Western Experience — "Our books tell the stories of ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances, and they are always a 'good read.'"

Véhicule Press
Publishers of prize-winning literature and social history since 1973. Subject areas include poetry, fiction, politics, translations, Quebec and Canadian studies, jazz history, history of science and Jewish studies.

Virginia Publishing
A publisher of books of interest to the St. Louis region.

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