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Butterflies of America

n 1900 Chase & Sanborn coffee company produced a lovely little booklet illustrating the common butterflies of North America. Printed in color using the chromo-lithograhy method, it is a perfect example of how a very small book can contain a large amount of useful information. Today the Web offers us the means to publish such information to an even wider audience at very low cost. We reproduce this booklet from a copy distributed by Pidduck, Ross, Melhorn Co. in Seattle, Washington.
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Canadian Wilds

by Martin Hunter

Announcing a significant reprint by Serif & Pixel Press. Martin Hunter was a factor at the Hudson Bay Company from 1854 until 1898. When he went to work for them they were a sovereign nation ruling millions of square miles, and when he retired they were well on the way to being a department store chain. He has gathered a social history of the working of the Hudson Bay Company with the Indians, and clearly shows how the fur trade operated. There are numerous chapters on wilderness survival and the Canadian wilderness of the 19th century. Originally published as a series of magazine articles, they were last seen in book form in 1923. Extensively illustrated with contemporary wood cuts and enravings.
(Wilderness, Fur Trade, Canada, Native Americans, Exploration, Social History)

Publication Date 1 May, 1997
Serif & Pixel Press, Seattle, WA, 1996, Paperback, $24.95

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