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Photography, and its descendant film, and audio recording have changed our relationship with the world. With the advent of video, moving graphics have become accepted as an essential part of the structure of our lives. Video and film have even changed the ways people look at the world and altered our sense of reality. Publishers have been unsure what to do with this new form and have largely ignored it and denied it a role in the design of books.
Serif & Pixel Press will explore the integration of film/audio/video technology into publishing across a broad front. First, we will look at including multimedia as an add-on to published books, as CD-ROMs or audio recordings supporting and enhancing the text. Second we will explore the integration of film and video technique, look and feel into book design. Finally, we will try to develop a genuine integrated publishing medium on- and off-line that will mix video, audio and print elements as a new form. This should not be confused with the earlier "multimedia" hype that buzzed onto the computer world a few years ago, and then died smothered in complexity and extravagant cost. The publishing is the thing; the forms are only to enhance and clarify the meaning of the words and ideas.

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