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The Blank Page
This page was put together for artists and writers to gather, submit their art and see the work of those whom have come before.

Blithe House Quarterly
BHQ features a diversity of new short stories by emerging and established gay and lesbian writers.

Celestial Research
Celestial Research began by subtitling Japanese Animation and making music videos. Since then, they've moved on to persuing various interests: experimental, camp/exploitation/strangeness, and whatever else is interesting.

Claire's Corner
Dedicated to the arts, Claire's Corner strives to be a free exchange of thoughts, ideas, and concepts between the visitors of it's pages. As a visitor, you are encouraged not only to browse the information, but to contribute to it as well. The gaol of Claire's Corner is to present a collection of work that illustrates not one persons idea of art, but everyone's idea of art. Sections include Visual Art, Literature, Drama, Music and Other Art.

College Grad Job Hunter
The entire book, "College Grad Job Hunter," in electronic format on the Web. It is completely free and without charge, but it is not just a text version of the book available on the Web. It has the full benefits of Web formatting, index search capability (allowing for keyword searches throughout the text), and a fully linked table of contents. It should be noted that this is not just a few pages or excerpts--it is the entire book available to all for free on the Web.

Java Programming for the Internet
The home page for Sun Microsystems' Java language and applets. Learn about this exciting new process and see some working examples (if you hace a Java capable browser).

MediaNovel Home Page
A new literary format that utilizes original graphics, music, audio and video as well as text to tell a story on a multimedia computer.

Science and the Artist's Book
Science and the Artist's Book is an exhibition which explores links between scientific and artistic creativity through the book format. In 1993, the Smithsonian Institution Libraries and the Washington Project for the Arts (WPA) invited a group of nationally recognized book artists to create new works of art based on classic volumes from the Heralds of Science collection of the Dibner Library of the History of Science and Technology, a part of the Smithsonian Institution Libraries' Special Collections. The resulting artist's books, each inspired by the subject, theories or illustrations of the landmark works of science with which they are paired, offer a number of witty, imaginative, and even poignant insights into the creative side of scientific research.

Star Thrower Publishing
An experimental digital publishing site exploring the interaction of words and images on screen. Although a relatively new site it is rapidly gaining attention for its innovative literature.They have just published new works by Mary Hrovat and Sarah White and continue to expand earlier publications.

Story Tellers Challenge
StoryTellers Challenge presents you with writing challenges. Someone once said that we each have at least one book inside ourselves. Well, if not a complete book, then maybe a few good paragraphs about other places and other times.

Tales from the Vault
Tales from the Vautl is an interactive fiction storytelling and writing site. The storytelling method, sometimes referred to as an "Exquisite Corpse" exercise, gives each reader a chance to take an existing story in whatever direction their imagination suggests to them. During the portion of your segment, you control the destiny of the characters enwrapped in the storyline. Once your segment is added to the story, another may come along and take the tale in a direction you never imagined. There are many stories in each of the 10 catigories (Science Fiction, Fantasy, Humor, Crime/Mystery, Horror, General Fiction, "Mysteries of The Rock Island Group", Poetry, Complete Tales and New Tales), so just about everyone will be able to find a story to have fun with.

An Unpublished Novel/An Electronic Book for Free(Bookstore)
Stephen St. Mace's unpublished novel Old God's Ashes presented in its entirety for your reading pleasure.

The Yale Review of Books
This is the online edition of a new magazine started by undergraduates at Yale. They review all sorts of books that might be of interest to the Yale community, five times a year. All reviews are posted on the site.

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