Had offset printing been available in the Renaissance so that calligraphic texts could be reproduced, letterpress would never have developed. The whole idea of early letterpress was only to reproduce the calligraphic letters of the fifteenth century. The concept of using calligraphic "typesetting" still has considerable merit and offers effects not otherwise possible. As proof of this thesis note Christ in the Desert, a Benedictine monastery in the New Mexican desert that has turned to creating hand illuminated home pages. The middle ages and futuristic canticles can meet together in cyberspace.

Here are some links to calligraphers and materials as well as samples of calligraphic books to demonstrate calligraphic typesetting.

Listing of some calligraphers who do books.

Calligraphy Groups and Resources
A collection of groups and other calligraphy references.

Supplies and Sources
Sources for calligraphy supplies and books.

Examples of some calligraphic book pages.

Paper Making
Resources for making and acquiring fine papers.

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