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Types of Teas

Tea Review Archive
The Tea Review Archive is a collection of reviews of commercially available teas. These reviewsare submitted by tea lovers from around the Internet, and may include a tea shop near you.

Tea leaf grading

Tea and Science

More about Camellia Sinensis
All the cold hard facts about the tea leaf.

Caffeine FAQs
The cold hard facts about caffeine.

Tea and Health
This site tells of the amounts of caffeine in tea and all sorts of other fascinating facts.

Holistic values in tea

(although Wit's End in no way proports that there are medicinal values in tea, we are happy to provide links to those who do proport so).

Tea Tree Oil Information Page
More info on tea tree oil, curing athletes foot, pimples, arthritis, yeast infections and, of course, the common cold.

The Medicinal Effects of Tea
A short but sweet page explaining the properties of tea.

Herbal Descriptions
Containing the possible medical values of all herbs.

Unusual Uses of Tea

Cooking With Tea
Tea as a tenderizer, condiment and everything else.

Tea in cooking
From Sweden, Lamb Cassorole and Cashmere Soup, including many tea links.

Tea Dying FAQ
How to dye your clothes with tea.

Links to Serving Tea

Classic Tea Ceremony
a thorough examination.

A Chinese Tea Ceremony
An Article from Urban Desires on the way of preparing chinese tea.

Moroccan Tea Receipe

Tokugawa Museum
This shows a variety of ancient Japanese tea ceremony instruments.

A Nice Cup of Tea, by George Orwell
Orwell's preferred way of serving tea.

Ms. Manners on Tea

How to make a bad cup of tea

Tea Leaf Reading

Reading Tea Leavesby Max Tillberg
Reading Tea Leaves by Raven


Peter Hollings Red Teapot Gallery
An unusual melange of photos of a red teapot in various locales.

Tea FAQs
Frequently asked questions about tea, compiled from: newsgroups:rec.food.drink.tea and other newsgroups.

Chinese characters of tea

The Tea Page
by Max Tillberg. Which hosts a chatroom through the internet if you have a java-capable browser.

Tea Magazine and Tea Newsletter
These are not online magazines, but offer subscriptions through the internet.

World of Tea
This has a clickable map of all of the world's tea growing regions.

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