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Better Homes and Gardens Online
A great place to look for home and garden information on the web. They have other useful sections too, altough they don't include the bulk of what they put in their magizine.

Construction Monitor
A weekly publication about the issuing of building permits, as well as databases for architects and licensed contractors.

Home Arts
HomeArts is the Number 1 site for women on the Web, with thousands of pages of information and articles on health, home, family, style, gardening, and cooking.

A home improvement specialist, HouseNet provides lots of valuable information, and friendly help.

Living Home
This site is packed full of useful home and gardening information. With something new added every day, you will never know what you might find next.

Texas Solar Energy Society
Using the sun for energy is a growing industry in Texas. Did you know you can pump water for your livestock, make electricity for your TV, or warm your bath water using the sun? Solar energy is highly regarded for energy conservation and clean production of electricity.

Traditional Building
Traditional Building publishes a trade magazine for architects, interior designers, landscape designers, and building professionals interested in historically styled building products. They also have an online database of suppliers of fences, gates, benches, lighting, hardware, and more.

Well Home Articles: Learning home's history
Learning your home's history is both helpful. Roger Faris shows how he researched the history of his newly purchased home.

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